New / Used tire

New / Used tire


We are one of the leading low cost new tire dealer, with the ability to beat other tire dealer’s prices because we sell a large amount of tires everyday. Our customers can choose the tire they want out of our vast collection. You may compare our new tire prices to anyone in the business, we can assure you that we are one of the best tire dealers. We can guarantee all of our tires with the manufacturer’s warranty, we carry all brands, types and sizes.


Our facility carries over 5,000 tires of various brands and sizes. We receive a new shipment of tires daily. This allows our customers to choose out of a large collection. We bring you only the best high quality tires. We thoroughly inspect the tires for common tire problems, such as uneven wear, scalloping, and air check to assure that there are no leaks. We are proud of  our product and you will definitely be satisfied with your purchase.